What is an
Eco Home

Our advanced manufacturing facilities enable us to build multiple modules or sections, before delivering them directly to your intended site of use.

Timber Construction

Its lightweight construction ensures a reduction of site wastage, minimal shrinkage and an elimination of surface run pipework.

In addition, economical roofs of prefabricated lightweight trussed rafters can be designed for all applications, from the build of small extensions to large commercial schemes. The depth, length and specification can all be adjusted to produce joists with specific performance criteria.

Closed Panel Timber Frame

The structural frame is present as in ‘Open Panel’ construction, but includes factory fitted insulation and inner sheathing boards to close off the panel. We supply advanced closed panels which include pre-fitted windows, service battens, pre ducted electronics and magnesium board. The advantages of advanced closed panels include more value added by being manufactured off-site in a quality controlled environment, quicker assembly and less waste on site.



The following technologies are used/can be used in the build of our Smart Eco Homes.

Underfloor Heating
Underfloor Heating works by circulating warm water through pipes embedded within the floor construction.
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Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system manages the air quality and comfort levels throughout your home by introducing fresh air into a home whilst extracting the stale air.
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Solar Power / Power Plus Homes
Ensure that you have control over your energy costs as well as reducing the impact of drawing energy from the grid.
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Car Charging
Charge from the mains or from your roof solar system and integrated battery storage system.
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