A whole house Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) system manages the air quality and comfort levels throughout your home by introducing fresh air into a home whilst extracting the stale air.

The stale air then passes through a heat exchanger, allowing the heat to be recovered back into the rooms.

Smart Eco have chosen Omnie as our partner for renewable technologies.


The benefits of MVHR

Saves Energy
The transfer of energy from the outgoing stale humid air to the incoming fresh air reduces the need for the heating system to re-heat the air.

Better air quality
The air quality is improved by removing stale damp air from bathrooms and introducing filtered fresh air in living areas.

Low Noise Levels
Eliminates noise from extractor fans located within bathrooms. Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery units from Omnie are also designed to run at the correct extract rate for your building which helps to keep the noise levels even lower.

Fresh air can be introduced and humidity levels controlled without the need to open windows and compromise security.

The MVHR system can be fully integrated into the OMNIE network controls, allowing control over ventilation boost.