Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through pipe embedded within the floor construction.

Heat from the pipe is transferred into the floor and then into the room providing enough warmth to heat the building all year round.

Smart Eco have chosen Omnie as our partner for renewable technologies.


The benefits of Underfloor heating

Efficient radiant heat
Underfloor heating provides radiant floor heat around the room, making rooms more comfortable as well as being more energy efficient.

With decades of experience, the OMNIE team has developed a range of products that take the guesswork and mystery out of underfloor heating.

Warmth and comfort
Underfloor heating provides a balanced level of radiant floor heating and air warming. If the heating is provided by high air temperatures this can dry the skin and eyes.

In general renewable heat is easier to produce efficiently at low water temperatures.

OMNIE Hydronic heating products are specifically designed to work at low water temperatures, reducing running costs.